Fireworks Shows


The conclusion of Water Carnival festivities has always ended with a magnificent display of fireworks, thanks to donations from our cottagers.


Pavilion Beautification

The Cottagers Association Pavilion is coming up on its 20th anniversary.  The building is starting to see some wear and tear.  Your donation will help with both general and large repairs.


Water Quality

More information 

to come.

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Donations for this fund will be dispersed into accounts as needed.

Tribute Donations

In Memory of...

Judge Richard Conaboy

Marion Conaboy

Paul Mahon 

Paul Mahon Jr.

Susie and Russ Hazelton 

Otto Robinson

Marty Davitt

Dr. Abe & Anita Eisner

Andy Ferruggia

Jim and Karen Murray

Al and Betty Peters

Elizabeth (Betty) Peters

(From: Her children)

Carol Erichson

Harry and Clara Schmaltz

William Saunders

Mom and Dad Schmaltz

Jack Snyder

ashley Thiemann

Karl Voigt

Helen and Ted Wicks

Charles T Young