Lake Winola is located in the Endless Mountains on the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. It is within the boundaries of Wyoming County and has been part of Overfield Township since 1859.

 The spring-fed lake and the entire region were formed millions of years ago by shifts of the Earth and by glaciers that moved through the area.

Our lake was called “the Pond” by early settlers. Because of its proximity to the community of Falls, that name was later changed to “Buttermilk Falls Pond”. Postal records and an 1869 map in Wyoming County Court House indicate that the lake was next called “Crooked Lake”. The name “Winola” first appeared in the 1870’s and was spelled “Wynola” in some records.


Today we call this beautiful creation of nature “Lake Winola”. The name Winola means “water lily” and can be traced to Native Americans who were its first residents.